We, at Tata NQ, are inspired by wholesome well-being. We believe it begins with every healthy choice we make, leading to healthy body, mind and environment.

At Tata NQ, we aim to enhance life through healthful food and ingredient choices. We begin this with our focus on Healthy Gut - where trillions of microorganisms coexist with human cells playing a pivotal role in overall health.

Nourish your gut microbes with Prebiotics
Human Health
Animal Health
Prebiotics for Human Health

Human Health

From sugar reduction to fiber addition, our soluble prebiotics find use in multiple applications across food & beverages, supplements and baby foods.

Our food-tech experts are always around the corner to help you with formulation support. So come create with us !

Prebiotics for Animal Health

Animal Health

Be it your pets at home or the animals that are bred, their gut microbiome is known to influence many vital health parameters including immunity.

Our team is working across pets and other animals like aqua, poultry and cattle. Talk to us to know more !


Explore the power of three - add goodness to gut, reduce sugar and improve texture of your product with FOSSENCETM, a sweet tasting prebiotic consisting of fructo-oligosaccharides that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables.

FOSSENCETM, short chain FOS is a 100% soluble dietary fiber and prebiotic that is made from fermentation of cane sugar.

Fossence - Prebiotic Fiber


FOSSENCETM Pro, a 100% soluble dietary fiber and prebiotic is made from fermentation of cane sugar.

It is an infant nutrition friendly product tested across multiple stringent quality parameters and shown to stand in compliance with regulatory needs of global markets including US, Europe, Japan and others.
Best suited for infant nutrition, enteral nutrition and medical foods.

Fossence Pro - Prebiotic Fiber


Enhance your products with GOSSENCETM Pro, a soluble dietary fiber and prebiotic consisting of Galacto-oligosaccharides, that forms a major part of mother’s milk (HMO- Human Milk Oligosaccharides).

GOS is known to stimulate the growth of probiotics Bifiodobacteria and crowd out pathogens in the gut.

Gossence Pro - Prebiotic Fiber

Location : India International
Location : India International