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Superior sensory, non-sticky & Great Blending properties - FOSSENCE® GR95

Fossence GR95-The perfect biotic with superior sensory, non-sticky, great blending properties and easy to use as powder.


Fossence WL-P95, a perfect prebiotic for your Synbiotic formulation because of its low water activity

Animal Nutrition

Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) have multiple benefits in animal nutrition, including improved health, immune response, reduced antibiotic use, enhanced growth, and long-term sustainability.


Glycemic and Insulinemic Response of Prebiotic FOSSENCE®

Fossence’s glycemic and insulinemic response on body when added to or replaced with glycemic carbohydrate

Role of Prebiotics in Sports Nutrition Products

Use of prebiotics in Sports Nutrition of gut health, immunity, sustaining glycaemia & reduction of gastrointestinal distress

Sweetness Perception of

Replacement of sugar by blending alternate sweeteners in the correct proportion

Sugar Reductions For Healthy Food Choices: The Why and The How!

Importance of sugar reduction and the correct approach of choosing healthier alternatives

Prebiotics and immunity special focus on fructo-oligosaccharides

Powerful connection between prebiotic fibers and a robust immune system. Learn about the science behind prebiotics, their sources, and how FOS interacts with the gut microbiota to support overall health.

Concept Notes

Muesli with Prebiotic Goodness

An effective, wholesome & good for gut snack – the perfect breakfast option with nuts, seeds, berries & prebiotic fiber.

No Added Sugar, Prebiotic fortified Dark Chocolate

A tasty and effective format for delivering a daily dose of prebiotics with indulgence.

No Added Sugar, Prebiotic fortified Cookies

An effective, wholesome & good for gut snack – cookies with goodness of prebiotics.

Flax seed powder based Cereal Bar

An effective and healthy weight loss solution with the perfect blend of nutrition in this cereal bar.

Reduced Sugar, Prebiotic fortified Gummies

A tasty and effective format for delivering a daily dose of prebiotics and micronutrient supplements.

Prebiotic Fortified, Flavoured milk

An effective, wholesome & good for gut flavoured milk filled with goodness of prebiotics.

Coconut based beverage

A feel good beverage with prebiotic dietary fiber, antioxidants & ingredients known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Circumin - FOS formulation

A functional health formulation with health promoting effects of prebiotic dietary fiber Fossence.

Fenugreek - FOS formulation

A fenugreek extract formulation incorporated in different food matrix format to deliver this bitter tasting ingredient.

Fiber Enriched Whey Beverage

A fiber-enriched whey beverage to get your daily requirement of fibers and proteins.

FOS coated flax seeds

An effective and healthy weight loss solution with the perfect blend of nutrition in this cereal bar.

FOSyllium ( Psyllium husk & prebiotic)

An effective and balanced fiber blend by keeping the native fiber intact.

Vitamin D3 premix

A premix for bone health with the goodness of prebiotic dietary fiber.

Protein supplement

A balanced combination of protein, prebiotics and refreshing actives.

Synbiotic Mix

A blend of probiotic and a prebiotic which enhances the sustenance of the probiotic.

Fiber Enriched Energy Drink

Prebiotic enriched energy drink which tastes good & has healthiness of prebiotic fibers.

Fiber Enhirched Malt drink

A pleasant tasting nourishing drink rich in micro-nutrients and prebiotic fiber to enhance digestive health.

Prebiotic & sugar reduced coffee premix

Reduced sugar coffee premix designed to provide the same refreshment with goodness of prebiotic fiber.

Matcha Tea premix

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Slim Gummies

A healthy, high fiber and hunger-free weight management solution with the feeling of fullness.

Herbal Soups - Moringa

A soup full of wholesomeness of Superfoods and weight management ingredients aided by the richness of prebiotics.

Sugar replaced Hard Boiled Candy

Sugar replaced hard boil candy for effective gum care using prebiotic dietary fiber.

Herbal Protein bar

An effective, wholesome & good for gut snack with goodness of prebiotics, custom made to provide macronutrients.

Herbal Syrup

Perfect blends of 3 herbs Ashwagandha, Tulsi & Ginger, with prebiotic goodness and has zero added sugar.

Food and Beverages that Boost your immunity

Product concept, recipes, functional benefits and nutritional information for multiple immunity boosting products.

Scientific Reviews

Why you cannot ignore Short Chain FOS in your formulation?

scFOS as an alternate to inulin for metablich health benefits without compromising the sweet profile and to meet the demand.


Improvement of health in different areas and stages of a woman’s life due to intake of prebiotics

Prebiotics and Probiotics for the Elderly

Improvement in gut health, bowel movements, immune function, bone health, metabolism, etc among the elderly due to intake of FOS

Role of Prebiotics and Probiotics in Improving Muscle Mass

Intake of prebiotics increases amino acids which helps in fat percentage reduction, gut barrier improvement, and muscle building

FOS Improves dietary fiber intake

Improvement in dietary Fiber intake when sugar is replaced with Fossence

FOS improves bowel movements

Impact of FOS on bowel movements among various age, gender, and patient groups

FOS improves Gut Health and Intestine Flora/microbiome

Improvement in Gut health and bifidobacteria among various groups after consuming FOS

Prebiotics and Mineral Absorption

Improvement in various mineral absorption and subsequent improvement in bone health due to prebiotics

FOS improves Glycaemic Control and Betters Type 2 Diabetes Control

Utlization of FOS as a sweetener to improve glucose tolerance, reduction in postprandial glycemia and insulin response

FOS improves immune response, boosts immunity

Intake of FOS reduces the risk of infection among children, and inflammatory process in the elderly and enhances IL-27 during pregnancy

FOS improves satiety management and supports weight management

Intake of dietary fiber helps in appropriate weight gain, lowers rates of obseity and icreases appetite

Technical Datasheets






LogMPIE, panIndia profiling of the human gut microbiome using 16S rRNA sequencing

A snapshot of gut microbiota of an adult urban population from Western region of India

Microbial fermentation of Fossence™, a short-chain fructo-oligosaccharide, under simulated human proximal colonic condition and assessment of its prebiotic effects—a pilot study

A prospective randomized, doubleblind, placebo-controlled, dose-response relationship study to investigate efficacy of fructooligosaccharides (FOS) on human gut microflora

Provitamin D3 modulation through prebiotics supplementation: simulation based assessment

A prebiotic, short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides promotes peak bone mass and maintains bone mass in ovariectomized rats by an osteogenic mechanism

Acute glycemic and insulin response of Fossence™ alone, or when substituted or added to a carbohydrate challenge: A three-phase, acute, randomized, cross-over, double blind clinical trial

Influence of short chain fructooligosaccharides (SC-FOS) on the dough rheological, microstructural properties and, bread quality during storage