The Versatile Prebiotic Dietary Fiber

FOSSENCE® (Short Chain Fructo-oligosaccharide) is a 100% water soluble, prebiotic dietary fiber, manufactured by fermentation of Cane Sugar.

It is clinically studied, for its impact on the gut microbiome, and shows improvement in the relative abundance of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. 

A healthy microbiota is known to positively influence immunity, nutrient absorption, lipid transport and overall digestive and bowel health.

Naturally sweet in taste and helps knock out sugars

Discover our range of FOSSENCE® grades, from 40% to 70% as sweet as sucrose.

Not only does FOSSENCE® add sweetness, it also provides the bulk and humectancy that Sugar offers in a food matrix. Additionally it is of low glycemic index and low calorie. FOSSENCE® is indeed a healthy choice to reduce or replace bulk sugars from your product.

Beyond health enhances product texture

Make your products nutrition smart

Our food technology team members are here to support you with concepts, recipes and prototypes. 

From low sugar fiber enriched cookies, prebiotic gummies to gut friendly supplements; FOSSENCE® is a versatile ingredient that can be employed in different food matrices.

Powder   FOS Content Fibre Content Sweetness


Short Chain FOS

95% 90.25% 30-40%


Granulated Short Chain FOS

95% 90.25% 30-40%


Short Chain FOS

95% 74% 40-45%


Sweet Tasting Short Chain FOS

55% 43% 60-70%


Short Chain FOS, matching sweetness of Sugar

55% 43% 100%