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Why you cannot ignore Short Chain FOS in your formulation?

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The document discusses the similarities and differences between 3 dietary fibers that have prebiotic potential. Short chain FOS (scFOS), Inulin and long chain FOS (lcFOS) are not digested in the digestive tract and reach the colon where they get metabolized by the resident gut bacteria. ScFOS are sweeter in taste as compared to the other two fibers and thus potential of replacing regular sugar in any food and beverage concept. ScFOS are rapidly fermented as compared to the other two fibers and produce metabolites as short chain fatty acids that are documented to be beneficial to health. While scFOs may work as a sugar replacer, inulin may work as a fat replacer imparting a better mouth feel. A combination of the two fibers in the food and beverage applications may benefit the functionality for the product.

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